new books and printed items 2000 – 2012
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I always have an audience for my work

Erica Van Horn 2015

Living Locally No.31. 12pp. 105 x 150mm. 4pp laminated cover, saddle-stitched and printed digitally. 300 copies


€ 6.00 AB


Erica Van Horn 2014

Living Locally No.29. 20pp 175 x 125mm, sewn with cover wrappers and label over print of current timetable for the Bus Eireann No.7 bus running from Cork to Dublin and vice versa. 200 copies.

Seven small narratives taking place on bus journeys in Ireland


€10.00 W

The Free Music Machine Drawings

Percy Grainger 2014

with an introduction by Wilfrid Mellers

72pp printed digitally in colour, 300 x 225mm, sewn and casebound with cover image embossed inlay.300 numbered copies.ISBN 978-0-906630-50-1

22 drawings by Percy Grainger from 1951 and 1952, for the potential Free Music Machines worked on by himself and Burnett Cross at this time.Contains erratum bookmark of a poem by the composer Howard Skempton explaining the numerous mis-spellings of Wilfrid Mellers name, Mellers' introductory essay Now and Then, and the postscript At Last by the editor of this book, Simon Cutts detailing the precarious history of this project, and its final accomplishment.

€40.00 CB

Modern Dutch Interiors

Erica Van Horn & Simon Cutts 2014

36pp xerox, with 8 tipped-in samples of corporate envelope interiors in cut window-mounts, with envelope interior endpapers.105 x 150mm, sewn and casebound with cover image embossed inlay. 150 numbered copies.

Peter Foolen, the Dutch editor, sent the envelope interiors for this collection, which have a plain-ness and consistent simplicity. They employ reduced repetition, assmmetry, and even at times a formal randomness approaching camouflage. They bring the nineteenth century origin of the printed envelope interior as a means of hiding the contents into our time, and are mostly of banks, water and road-rescue companies, and other governmental institutions.

€25.00 AB

Mr S Mills visits the Kroller-Muller

Simon Cutts 2014

12pp and 4pp laminated cover, saddle-stiched and printed digitally. 105 x 150mm. 300 copies.

variations on the title-line of Stuart Mills almost last book anyone who thinks can draw a chair imposed on the cover image of his book, recto/verso, of the poet himself sitting in a Mies Van der Rohe in the Museum in Otterlo.

€6.00 AB

A watercolour glass for Marie Bourget

Simon Cutts 2013

glass with engraved poem 'from the lid / & tray / of your plumier ' from as if it is at all 2007. 60mm diameter x 110mm tall, in cardboard box.Numbered edition of 36 copies.


€45.00 O

for Bill Roth 1917-2014

Simon Cutts 2014

ink-jet marmalade print with rubber stamped fly. Folded card 140 x 95 mm, citing a stanza from W.B. Yeats' Wild Swans at Coole of the year of Bill's birth

€ 2.00 f/c

A Rosemary Plaque

Erica Van Horn 2013

2nd edition of the rosemary plaque made in engraved plastic. 190 x 130mm in envelope. An edition of 21 numbered copies.


€65.00 O


Erica Van Horn 2013

Living Locally No.25. Short narratives on the subject, taken from the Journal and other sources.16pp saddle-stiched in laminated cover 150 x 105mm, interspersed with drawings from Nine Cups. Edition of 300 copies printed digitally

€6.00 AB

Leftovers In The Work Are The Work

Erica Van Horn 2013

8pp. with cover wrappers, containing clothing name-tape from school-days. 150 x 105mm. Sewn and numbered edition of 124 digitally printed copies

€10.00 AB

Living Locally

Erica Van Horn

uniformbooks 2014

144 pp. offset in 2-colours.230 x 140mm sewn paperback with flaps.ISBN 978-1-910010-02-0. An edited selection from the on-line journal from 2007 to the present and an endorsement of the on-going series of the same title. 'Erica Van Horn has produced a meticulous field guide of what it means to be an American discovering the embedded, entangled mysteries of being Irish'. - Susan Howe

€15.00 W


new & material poems

Simon Cutts

uniformbooks 2013

128pp.offset.230 x140mm sewn paperback with flaps.ISBN 978-0-9568559-7-8. To some extent the book fulfills the near-decadal grouping of the new poems, in so far as they can be reduced to a common format and rendered in anthological form.At the same time this is a book for the tall narrow format of uniformbooks with their incidental tranlucence of paper allowing for an accumulative layering, and the sense that these fragments of poems are suspended throughout the volume of the book.

€15.00 P

a line only a word

Simon Cutts 2013

permatational poem for Robert Lax and Cid Corman made translucent and only readable in certain conditions of light and air.160 x 120mm photostat and letterpress.4 japanese-fold double pages glued to the spine of the book. 200 copies

€10.00 P

Living Locally No.24

Erica Van Horn 2013

postcard of road sign on the Grange to Newcastle road near the house in Ballybeg and a tale of its discrepancies. 125 x 150mm letterpress

€1.00 pc

The Life of St. Anthony of Padua

Erica Van Horn 2013

facsimilies of 13 painted-out postcards following the life of St. Anthony with narrative captions opposite.36pp 150 x 160mm printed digitally and sewn with casebinding.200 numbered copies.

€18.00 AB


Simon Cutts

Editions Héros-Limite, Geneva 2010

poems by Simon Cutts

translated into English by the author: traduit de l'anglais par Vincent Barras. First translation of poems by Simon Cutts into French of a selection of work which might suit the ear, tone and form of the language new to them. 104pp offset and letterpress.165 x 115mm sewn paperback.ISBN 978-2-940358-62-5

€14.00 P

51 Drawings

Bill Culbert 2013

51 drawings were made over the last thirty years using Parker 51 reservoir and cartridge fountain pens, mostly on pieces of A4 office paper. They were selected and edited by Bill Culbert and Simon Cutts from drawings of Pens & Corkscrews, Shades & Lamps, Chairs, Tables & Other Furniture, Bottles & Glasses, Instructions for Installations, Diagrams & Listings,in January 2013. 64 pp 260 x 210mm. Casebound,with 2-colour blocking. ISBN 9780906630480 An edition of 300 numbered copies. In association with Christchurch Art Gallery and its Outer Spaces programme.

€ 40.00

£ 35.00

$ 60.00 AB


Book 97

The Suburban Fauvist

Stephen Duncalf 2013

Little Critic No.20

copies of The Little Critic, together with back issues from 1987, are listed on the backlist of the Coracle website, and are available at a price of 6.50 euro including postage and packing. It has now become so occasional that the series is concluded with this issue No. 20. 210 x 148 16pp 4-colour digital print.200 copies. ISBN 978-0-906630-49-5


€6.50 CB
Book 96



Erica Van Horn 2012

The building is covered with scaffolding.There is a big job going on. It was supposed to be finished before Christmas but it is not yet finished.It is now the end of January. Winter 2012 Rue de Bretagne, Paris 3.

40 pp 4-colour offset 200 x 145 perfect bound.500 copies ISBN 978 0 906630 47 1

€8.00 AB
Book 95

Born in Clonmel

Erica Van Horn 2011

A history of the scant presence of Laurence Sterne in the place of his birth, constituting Living Locally No 21 in the ongoing series. 20pp photocopy with letterpress additions 145 x 105 sewn binding with wrappers.200 copies


Book 94


Erica Van Horn 2012

folded card. Living Locally No.20, with printed drawings and the recipe for Elderflower Cordial


€1.50 f/c
Book 93

for Ben, with Alzheimer's

Simon Cutts 2012

postcard with Ben's script, reading no more art on the blind emboss


€1.00 p/c
Book 92

Brancusi's Sewing Box & other implements 1923-1957

10-panel concertina 115 x 95 in acetate pocket with six images of the tools and implements and text by Simon Cutts. No.2 in the Folded Space series. 200 copies digital print on self-standing card.

The Sewing Box itself remained unsold after failing to reach its reserve price of 1000 euro. Given the nature of all his work and his axiomatic All Sculpture is Furniture, it remarkable that his domestic tools and objects should be of so little exchange value.

€8.00 CB
Book 91

The A. Goldsworthy Productions 1992-2006

Simon Cutts 2012

compendium of all the productions in a format unifying postcards, booklets and rubber stamp works. 28pp 150 x 105 saddle stiched 4-colour digital printed. 200 copies


€8.00 AB
Book 89
Book 90


Yoko Terauchi 2012

The most recent of the special format works made by Yoko Terauchi and Coracle over the years, beginning with Terra in 1984, and followed by Ebb & Flow in 1988, Cuckoo in 1992, coil/join in 1994, and now one, 2012. Here the interior sheet of red paper is folded tightly and then burned by a heated stainless steel cone once to form 64 holes of diminishing dimensions when the sheet is opened, each charred at the edges from the burn.The sheet itself is 600 x 560 and is folded to 300 x 140 and placed in a box binding 340 x 170 x 22, blocked in grey foil with the title and sequential edition number. 20 copies with 6 proofs


€500.00 O





[almost OP. please email to order]

Six Jugs

Six Jugs

Bill Culbert & Simon Cutts 2011

The images of six jugs of Bill Culbert from 1980 used in miniature. They exist both as objects and photoworks in their original format and here are placed alongside interleavings by Simon Cutts. broken glass cut / to an ellipse / & polished / to the beaded / meniscus / of a pour

24pp 190 x 130 inkjet and letterpress on Canaletto paper casebound 125 copies



€35.00 Ph/P



Printed in Norfolk

Catalogue for touring exhibition 2012

"For more than 35 years, Coracle has produced artists' books, critical works, editions and ephemera. Printed in Norfolk tells the story of this contemporary small press in all its manifestations as printer, publisher, bookshop and gallery. The emphasis here is on the years 1989-2012, when, under the direction of Simon Cutts and Erica van Horn, a symbiotic working relationship between in-house production, the commercial practices of Norfolk printers Crome & Akers, and binder Stuart Settle, signalled a new standard for the small press" John Bevis 'A Star-gazey Pie' catalogue essay

96pp 4-colour offset 150 x 140 paperback. ISBN 978-0-9569024-1-2

£9.00 €12.00C



Dubh n. the colour black

Coracle for STUDIOpractice 2011 an interspersing of contemporary Irish and America contemporary craft makers . For an exhibition at the American Irish Historical Society in New York, October 2011. Foreword by Christopher Cahill, and an Introduction by Brian Kennedy, with the essays Darkness Be My Friend by Marianne Mays and Tangled Up in Black by Richard Deming to accompany work by 29 makers

128 pp 4-colour offset 245 x 145 paper-over boards casebound. 1000 copies. ISBN 978 0 906630 45 7

€15.00 C




Simon Cutts 2011

photographs of the 'A' named boats from the Everard Shipping Line, collaged with the text of the seminal letter by Ian Hamilton Finlay to Pierre Garnier from 1963, and thereby a veiled homage to its author, in the manner of his Ocean Stripe 5 of 1965. Affinity is missing from the list of 'A' boat names of the Everard Line
40 pp printed in duo-tone offset by R. Booth, Penryn, Cornwall casebound with embossed block printing in 3 colours. 18 x 20cm,
edition of 300 numbered copies
published by Coracle and Peter Foolen Editions
ISBN 978-0-906630-46-4 / 978-94-90673-05-5

€ 30.00 AB


More Living Locally

Some More Words For Living Locally

Erica Van Horn 2011

24pp 150 x 105 photocopy and letterpress in 5 colours paper over board wrapper. A sequel to the earlier edition of 2002, with more involved contexts and narratives. Living Locally No.18 200 copies

€ 10.00 W





William Roth 2011

short story about the last cigar always anticipated.8pp 145 x 105 photocopy with letterpress and tip-in paper over boards in acetate pocket. An edition of 95 copies with a few proofs on the occasion of the author's ninety-fifth birthday in September 2011





Rain Paintings Avenue Crescent

The Rain Paintings of Stephen Skidmore 2005-2008

10-panel concertina 115 x 95 in acetate pocket with five images of the paintings and text by Simon Cutts used by Galerie Hubert Winter in Vienna in 2009. 200 copies. For the past thirty years Stephen Skidmore has worked from his small rooms in parts of London, first in gouache and acrylic, then in oils, accumulating the contents of at least four unseen exhibitions.

€6.00 CB/O



the segs & savers from my father's shoes / the repairs he made & always used

Simon Cutts 2011

single card 140 x 105 with the printing of the rubber heel replacement in black and the toe-cap metal reinforcement printed and thermographed in silver, in acetate sleeve.200 copies


€4.50 O




the manifestation of the poem

Simon Cutts 2011

the book is the manifestation of the poem

the poem is the manifestation of the book

256pp 210 x 135 casebound, printed letterpress in reverse to be read by show-through, the book is divided by marker ribbon as the text changes at the empty centre-spread. 100 copies numbered consequetively on the spine /:100, and sold at 100 units of whatever the currency of the place it is ordered from. From Ireland or much of Europe it is €100, from Britain £100, from the USA $100, and from Japan 100 yen


100.00 P/O




four printed drawings by Erica Van Horn four with poems by Thomas Meyer 2011

32pp 245 x 185 letterpress with separate thermographic 'mendings' in gold, casebinding foil-blocked in gold,with guards andportfolio ties. 80 numbered copies. Earlier, paler silhouettes of these images accompanied Thomas Meyer's poem Kintsugi from Punch Press in 2008. The texts published here are extractions taken from a later, longer version of the same poem published by Flood Editions in 2011.


€125.00 P/Pr


Irish Potatoes

8 0ld Irish potatoes

Erica Van Horn & Simon Cutts 2011

10-panel concertina offset in 2 colours 90 x 90 in acetate sleeve, describing Snowdrop, Sackfiller, Lumper, Gawkies, Flourball, Home Guard, Up-to-Date and Snowflake. A sequel to the earlier 8 Old Irish Apples now out of print

€10.00 O


Silk Worm Box

silk worm box

Erica Van Horn 2011

8pp 125 x 125 laser and letterpress, with silk tissue interleaving and acetate slipcase.175 copiesa celebration of a box used for breeding silk worms. The box is recreated in profile, top and bottom, inside and outside, showing the perforation patterns that would allow the worms to breath inside the box.

€8.00 O



Coracle for STUDIOpractice 2010

an interspersing of contemporary Irish poets with the work of contemporary craft makers . For an exhibition at the American Irish Historical Society in New York, October and November 2010. Introduction by Christopher Cahill, with the' essay Words and the makers, to accompany poems by Brian Coffey Simon Cutts Sean Dunne Kit Fryatt Vona Groarke Michael Hartnett Seamus Heaney Trevor Joyce Billy Mills Eilean Ni Chuilleanain Maurice Scully Eithne Strong Sheila Wingfield and Augustus Young.

96 pp 4-colour offset 245 x 145 paper-over boards casebound. 1000 copies. ISBN 978 0 906630 43 3

€15.00 C

Some More Notes on Writing & Drinking

Bill Culbert & Simon Cutts 2010

60pp offset with letterpress and additions, rubber stamp, tip-ins, each with original drawing by Culbert and a holographic poem by Cutts. Casebound 150 x 110, with 3-colour blocking front and back of the Parket 51 with silver cap and a black bone-handled corkscrew on the back with silver spiral.Contains drinking notes for Vignobles Brunier's failed 2002 Vieux Telegraphe Châteauneuf and what became of it, together with fermentation notes on Boekenhoutskloof Syrah.175 copies with a few proofs each inscribed by the artist and author using their favourite Parker fountain pen

€65.00 AB/O


with or without

Erica Van Horn 2010

case with sewn endpapers 180 x 130, black laser printed with hand colouring, telling the story of Simon, first century apostle and patron saint of fishermen.300 copies

€12.00 AB/O


tree on the outside

William Minor 2010

156pp digital and perfect bound with letterpress cover 150 x 115. 300 copies ISBN 978 0 906630 42 6

€10.00 P

Letters from Brno

Jiri Valoch 2010

24pp offset with letterpress cover wrapper.170 x 130.300 copies. Letters from Brno assembles poems contained in mail sent by Jiri Valoch to his acquaintance, editor and publisher Charles Verey in 1968. They were poems made by the typewriter, letters arranged on the page as forms, and their accompanying correspondence.

€10.00 P

After Brancusi

Erica Van Horn & Simon Cutts 2010

5-panel concertina printed offset 105 x 90 in acetate wallet, using the Brancusi maxim isolated by Simon Cutts over a period of years to accompany the drawing of a long wooden bench stretching across the folds of the concertina by Erica Van Horn, almost defying perspective when stood on a shelf

€8.00 O/P

picardons et pélardons

Simon Cutts 2010

8pp letterpress sewn and die-cut with tip-ons, plain wrapper 150 x 100 in acetate wallet. 300 copies. The best young picadons are usually of the purest white, clean and fresh looking, nicely formed and just firm enough to stand up on their own. Pélardons are like many of the country goats cheeses produced on small family farms, cheeses that you'd never taste if you didn't happen to stop at the place where they were made.

€10.00 O/P

The Book Remembers Everything

The Work of Erica Van Horn

Nancy Kuhl 2010

124pp 4-colour offset paper-over-boards casebound 180 x 130. 1500 copies with Granary Books New York. ISBN 978 0 906630 41 9. Being the resolved book and catalogue of the exhibition at the Beinecke Library at Yale University from January to March 2010. In the work of Erica Van Horn, books collect and transform remnants, remembrances, remainders and reminders. From fragments that might otherwise be forgotten, she makes new inventories and series in intrinsic yet unexpected ways. Nancy Kuhl is co-editor of Phylum Press and Curator of Poetry for the Yale Collection of American Literature at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University.

€15.00 C

Poems From A Pioneer Museum

Susan Howe 2009

32 letterpress cards printed on Canaletto Liscio paper
in binders box 130 x 100. 300 copies I copied these poems, almost verbatim, from typed identification cards placed beside items in display cases at Salt Lake City’s Pioneer Memorial Museum founded in 1901 by the Daughters of Utah Pioneers. The artifacts and memorabilia in their collection date from 1847 when Mormon settlers first entered the Valley of the Great Salt Lake until the joining of the railroads at Promontory Point, Utah in 1869.

€30.00 P

onglet Simon Cutts 2009

32pp letterpress 175 x 125 casebound.125 copies

elaboration and demonstration of the term onglet with much hand-finishing as the only means of production.Companion volume to the earlier eclogues, but the metaphoric structure of the book works here as a more linear device.

€45.00 P

with yellow pears Simon Cutts 2009

enamel plaque 215 x 145 ed.10

vitreous enamel version of the stanza as used as insert and neon



Rosemary Erica Van Horn 2009

enamel plaque 215 x 125 boxed ed.10

vitreous enamel version of the thermographed postcard from 2008



DIRT Les Coleman 2009

96pp 4-colour offset 215 x 155

Dirt & Other Works documents the objects, sculptures and installations, many of a temporal nature made by Les Coleman over a period of forty years. His use of transient materials leads to an instability and fragility, and may remind us of our own precariousness. Much of the work is of course now lost. Some of the installations integrate the audience as part of the content of the work. At the same time, ephemeral and inexpensive items of printed matter have always been an effective vehicle for his work. David Briers contributes a critical overview of the work. ISBN 978 0 906630 39 6

€12.50 CB
for Bill Culbert plumassier Simon Cutts 2008

offset laminated card in two colours as a celebration of the artist's concern for the Parker 51 fountain-pen

(the cap / with its lapel / clip-arrow // the filling lever / for the reservoir, / set in the barrel

€3.00 E/O
short-cuts Erica Van Horn & Simon Cutts 2008

8-panel concertina letterpress 150 x 90 in acetate sleeve. 300 copies

€8.00 E/O
A few of the names, 46 in all,used in Britain for those narrow passageways between buildings, the short-cuts from street to street, the alleys which criss-cross between houses in a row.
Black Bob Colin Sackett 2008

Irish edition of the 1989 London classic. 128pp letterpress. 175 x 115 paper over boards casebound.200 copies

€65.00 AB
Black Bob Irish edition back cover/

An Album of Interiors Erica Van Horn 2008

36pp letterpress with fifteen tipped-in samples of envelope interiors and short narratives about them.235 x 170 casebound with guards.175 numbered copies.

€50.00 AB/E
These brave little shields line the envelopes of the American division of The Salvation Army
Forty Funghi forty poems by Harry Gilonis, with funghi by Erica Van Horn 2008

96pp offset with letterpress cover. A second edition of the book from 1994 with one additional poem. 175 x 130 sewn paperback. 300 copies.ISBN 978 0 906630 37 2

€12.00 P
chanterelle Cantherellus cibarius

Driven-Out, Ditched & Deserted Jason Clark 2008

36pp offset with letterpress cover being number three in the flaps poetry series . Drawings and postscript by Jason Clark. Introductory poem Autobahn Children by Cralan Kelder 175 x 130 sewn paperback. 300 copies.ISBN 978 0 906630 38 9

€10.00 P
Drawn on location in ink, the book is as much a document of abandoned cars I've found while hiking in the woods of Northern New England as it is a record of drawing decisions. The cars, abandoned along logging roads, ditched down ravines, driven up to their wheel-wells in sand-pits, burned and bullet-ridden and left to disintegrate and then integrate into nature, are a dear armature for my work.
Certain Trees:the constucted book poem & object 1964-2006

commemorative card for the exhibition tour 125 x 125 die-cut letterpress in envelope reconstructing the cover from The Allies Martin Fidler and Simon Cutts 1973

see also catalogue below

€3.00 E/O
Some Alternatives to Flock John Bevis 2008

48pp offset with letterpress cover, being a continuation of an unspoken of poetry series begun with Cralan Kelder's Lemon Red and using the flap drawing by Erica Van Horn. 175 x 130 sewn paperback. 300 copies. ISBN 978 0 906630 36 5

strewn looseleaf pages, unruled, white / some hundred more attempts to write // of seagulls wheeling in the sky / beyond the landfill site.

€10.00 P
8 0ld Irish apples Erica Van Horn & Simon Cutts 2008

8-panel concertina letterpress 90 x 90 in acetate sleeve. The names of eight Irish apples as a celebration of the work of Irish Seed Savers in Scariff, County Clare.300 copies Bloody Butcher Eight Square Green Chisel Sheep's Snout Mother of Household Cabbage Stalk No Surrender Yellow Pitcher

A little bit of butter 2007

edited by Peter Foynes for The Cork Butter Museum a reprinting of some of the printing blocks used for butter wrappers by local creameries and agricultural co-op's, together with historical texts .

48pp letterpress and offset in seven colours, casebound 175 x 125.500 numbered copies. ISBN 978-0-906630-33-4

Gifts from the Government Erica Van Horn 2007

16pp photocopy with offset and letterpress, laser colour copies and rubber stamps with sewn cover wrapper.150x110.300 numbered copies.

A Stamp. A Candle. A Tree. 6 Tablets, & Free Post

€10.00 AB
A Few Cups Erica Van Horn 2007

This is no.8 of nine cups printed letterpress in prussian blue on Bockingford 200lb cartridge. 250 x 250. edition of 25 numbered copies in blue buckram drop-lid box

€325.00 Pr

Small Houses

The Buildings of Tom Browne

Erica Van Horn 2007

48pp 4-colour offset casebound paper over boards 170x140 500 copies ISBN 987-0-906630-35-8. Living Locally No.12

With age, Tom Browne has given up his building jobs. Now he works on small houses in his shed. He uses real building materials whenever possible, as these are the correct materials for houses. The houses he makes are builder's houses, made by a builder.

€15.00 AB

peuran / pears

Harry Gilonis 2007

8pp photocopy and letterpress sewn with wrappers 175 x 125. 200 copies

from a Gaelic proverb found in Alexander Carmichael's Carmina Gadelica using a methodology borrowed from the composer Frederic Rzewski.

€6.00 P/E
French Pastry

Cralan Kelder 2007

with printed drawings by Erica Van Horn

8pp letterpress in 4 colours on rag paper sewn, cover wrappers. 155 x 155.300 copies. Driving through Wyoming / I see my first 'boycott france' / bumper sticker. Imagine their surprise, / to have a croissant hurled down at them / from a passing pickup / leaving a light, buttery, imprint on their windshield.


Some Forms of Availability

Simon Cutts 2007

RGAP with Granary Books New York

178pp 4-colour offset sewn paperback 215 x 138.1000 copies An assembly of speculative essays, reviews, interviews and collected statements,its concern is with the recent history of the book and the idea of publication arising from its occurrence in modernism, the small presses and the developing artists book. ISBN 978-0-9540639-7-9

€18.00 CB

for Hans Waanders Simon Cutts 2006

letterpress postcard in plastic sleeve, printed in two colours with Irish kingfisher postage stamp and cancellation.200copies

€ 4.00 E

as if it is at all

Simon Cutts 2007

with Granary Books, New York

78pp offset sewn paperback 182 x 122. 600 copies.A gathering of the transferable poems of the previous decade, as had been A Smell of Printing and Seepages in their time ISBN 978-0-906630-32-7

€12.00 P


Erica Van Horn 2006

8pp photocopy with letterpress cover, with coloured tip-ins, from holes cut in Sans Signaux 1990. sewn 150 x 130.85 numbered copies, in plastic slipcase.

€ 10.00 AB

With My Left Hand

Erica Van Horn 2006

28pp photocopy with letterpress cover.165 x 133.300 stapled copies, 26 lettered A-Z and signed.ISBN 0 906630 29 0

A re-make of Les Coleman's With My Right Hand from 1982, this one being Irish Made, as opposed to the earlier one from White Lies Publications being English Made.

€9.00 AB

Led Astray By Language

Jonathan Williams, Thomas Meyer, Nancy Kuhl, Richard Deming, Erica Van Horn & Simon Cutts 2006

24pp offset with letterpress, and letterpress cover.175 x 135.300 sewn copies

being a peregrination from New Haven to North Carolina for a meeting on Jonathan Williams' seventy seventh birthday.

€10.00 P/AB

Folded Napkins

Erica Van Horn 2006

16pp 2-colour offset with sewn cover wrapper.150 x 110. 300 numbered copies.

When we have guests staying for few days, I ask them to fold their napkins in a particular way so they will remember which one is theirs.Sometimes they remember and sometimes they forget, so I often make a drawing. Now I have acquired a collection of napkin drawings.

€10.00 AB

Certain Trees


Centre des Livres d'Artistes

David Bellingham, John Bevis, Thomas A Clark & Laurie Clark, Les Coleman, Simon Cutts, Stephen Duncalf, Martin Fidler, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Brian Lane, Robert Lax, Stuart Mills, Martin Rogers, Colin Sackett, Erica Van Horn, Steve Wheatley.

Curated by Simon Cutts for the Centre des Livres d'Artistes, St Yrieix la Perche, 87500 France, from June 10th - September 16th 2006, and subsequently at Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven, Netherlands from November 11th -January 4th 2008, and then to the Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington, London SW7 from late February to August 2008.

176pp 4-colour offset sewn paperback.215 x 138.1000 copies edited by Simon Cutts and Colin Sackett. Essays by John Bevis and Harry Gilonis, together with complete bibliography complied by John Janssen. ISBN 2 9512638 5 6



project for installation

Solveig Adalsteinsdottir, Boekie Woekie, John Bevis Christian Bok, Marie Bourget, Stephen Brandes, Yves Chaudouet, Thomas A Clark,Susan Collis, Maud Cotter, Chris Drury, Matthew Falvey, Martina Galvin, Katie Holten, Susan Howe, Trevor Joyce, Cralan Kelder, Brian Kennedy, Caroline Koebel, Marton Koppany, Langlands & Bell, Billy Mills, Stuart Mills, Maurizio Nannucci, Mark Pawson, Kathy Prendergast, Tim Robinson, Kay Rosen, Colin Sackett, Eric Watier, Trevor Winkfield, Lawrence Weiner, Ian Whitlesea. Introduction by John Bevis. See OTHER PROJECTS page for further information.

108pp 4-colour offset paperback 160 x 150.1200 copies ISBN 0 906630 28 2

€ 12.00 C

New Potatoes : New Irish Paintwork

Helen O'Leary & Paul Chidester 2005 64pp 4-colour offset, spiral bound boards 140 x 105.500 copies. ISBN 0 906630 27 4 Attempts to decorate steel, concrete and stone with paintwork rarely last, but produce curious anachronisms for a time.This book journeys through the hardy, patchworked, yet dishevelled nature of the Irish countryside, from home in Leitrim to friends in Wexford, Roscommon and Mayo, via the boreens of Tipperary

€ 12.00 AB

The Purification of Fagus sylvatica var pendula

Paul Etienne Lincoln 2005

48pp offset in two colours casebound 265 x 225. 600 copies with Granary Books, New York. 60 copies signed and numbered 1-60 with laser photograph. Document of the Performance at Weeping Beech Tree Park in Queens, June 15th 2001

€ 35.00 / € 75.00 AB

Lemon Red

Cralan Kelder 2005

28pp offset with letterpress cover and flaps by Erica van Horn, wrappers 180 x 135.300 numbered copies.ISBN 0 906630 25 8

this poem made possible / by a generous grant from today

€ 8.00 P

Tin funnel, jug & dish

Erica Van Horn & Simon Cutts 2005

24pp laser and letterpress with thermographed cover, wrappers 165 x 120.200 numbered copies

Five poems by Simon Cutts to silhouettes by Erica Van Horn

€12.00 P

(œillets des poètes)*

Simon Cutts 2005

8pp letterpress wrappers inserted in plastic sleeve with thumbhole. 145 x 90. 300 copies

(* painted by Rousseau, Guillaume Apollinaire stands next to Marie Laurencin under some ash trees, with Sweet Williams at their feet).

€ 8.00 P/E

An English Dictionary of French Place Names

Simon Cutts 2004

144pp offset in two colours with letterpress tab-index,casebound 220 x 150. 300 copies Pronounce al French place names as in English. David Jones 'In Parenthesis' 1937.General Notes.No.5

€ 45.00 AB/P

Erica Van Horn 2004

16pp laser and letterpress in two colours, sewn with wrappers 150 x 105.100 numbered copies.2nd edition of 150 copies 2007

Six small iron articles of unknown use found and drawn in Ballybeg

Shaker Hanger

Erica Van Horn 2004

heavy board oversized postcard deeply embossed by blue letterpress 140 x 180

€ 2.00 pc
Boats, Cots, Punts & Wherries

The Notebooks of Thomas Cuddihy Piltown,Co.Kilkenny

edited by Simon Cutts and with a Postscript, Bibliography and Glossary by Shay Hurley of The Workmen's Boat Club who initiated this project in 2004.

80pp offset in four colours, casebound.185 x 105.750 numbered copies ISBN 0 906630 23 1

O.P/ N
A Birch Bark Peeling

Erica Van Horn 2004

165 x 125. from a tree at Chestnut Pond, New Hampshire in 1988 layered in a drawer and forgotten until the spring of 2004 in Tipperary 60 copies


€15.00 O/E

Colin Sackett 2004

Writing and readings 1991-2002

96pp offset paperback 215 x 145. 1000 copies. ISBN 0 906630 21 5 with Sixtus Editions, Limoges and Spacex, Exeter.

€ 12.00 W
Forty Shades of Green

A Convergence of Irish Art and Craft edited by Brian Kennedy, Simon Cutts, and Erica Van Horn for the Crafts Council of Ireland, with texts by Marianne Mays, Dermot Diamond and Eoin McNamee

192pp 4-colour offset casebound 210 x 155.2500 copies. ISBN 0 906630 24 X

A Little Book of Cockles

Carla Phillips 2004

with drawings by Laurie Clark

24pp offset in two colours sewn with wrappers.145 x 125.500 copies ISBN 0 906630 20 7

€ 6.00 W
A Smell of Printing

Poems 1988-99

Simon Cutts 2000

with Granary Books, New York

96pp offset. 180 x 140 wrappers , with colour tip-in and bookmark. ISBN 1 887123 36 9

A History of the Airfields of Lincolnshire II

Simon Cutts 2000

Wax 366

32pp offset. 175 x 115. 300 copies

A sequel to the poppies of the first version of 1990, this one of flax, with its uncut heads and cover of sewn blue linen

A Canticle for Fred Sandback

Simon Cutts 2003 2nd edition 2007

to describe a diaphaneity

4pp letterpress in laser colour cover, rubber-band binding in printed envelope, with plastic wallet. 185 x 140. 250 copies.2nd edition of 300 copies 2007

€10.00 P

Simon Cutts 2004

4pp offset and letterpress in two colours, sewn with printed wrappers and wallet.150 x 135. 300 copies

almost a manifesto revealing the source of the dictum I prefer the streams of the mountains to the sea used over the last thirty five years

€10.00 P

Simon Cutts 2004

12pp letterpress sewn with double gate-folds and casebound. 175 x 125. 300 copies summary work of the poem-genre following Samuel Palmer's 'Virgil', used by Iam Hamilton Finlay, Thomas A Clark and Simon Cutts

€18.00 P

The Pig Poems

Spike Hawkins 2000

Three Poems Concerning Larionov's Provincial Life Series

with Erica Van Horn

32pp letterpress in two colours casebound 300 x 244. 100 numbered copies

€45.00 P
Notional : Field Notes

Katie Holten 2003

with Butler Gallery Kilkenny

76pp offset with rubber stamps and tip-ins, printed endpapers and paper over boards casebound 170 x 140.300 numbered copies. ISBN 0 906630 19 3

€40.00 N

Susan Howe 2002

96pp offset with five 4-colour tip-ins, interleavings and bookmark and wrapper over case 198 x 136.300 numbered and signed copies

€55.00 P

II Susan Howe 2002

48pp letterpress with printed endpapers casebound with embossed inlay on cover 165 x 130.300 numbered copies.

€30.00 P
The Printed Performance

Brian Lane Works 1966-1999

with Research Group for Artists Publications edited by Martin Rogers and Simon Cutts, with complete bibliography by John Janssen and texts by John Bevis, Bela Cunha, Simon Cutts, Susan Dunkley, Adrian Glew, Bill Harpe, Michael Lumb, Hugh Shrapnel, Maureen Tingey and Steve Wheatley. Designed by Colin Sackett. 176pp 4-colour offset paperback 210 x 150.1000 copies ISBN 0 95063 90 2

€15.00 CB
Fredson Bowers & The Irish Wolfhound

JCC Mays 2002

84pp 4-colour offset with printed endpapers casebound, embossed inlay on cover 190 x 140.500 copies.ISBN 0 906630 17 7. Jim Mays suggests that Anglo-American bibliography would be different if Fredson Bowers had not passed over the distinctive features of the Irish book as he theorised his subject. 'In the bucolic but still wild climes of South Tipperary, Fredson Bowers's wolfhound, ready defender of the flock of Anglo-American bibliographers,may meetup with another kind of wolf-hound, a dog crossbred with a wolf and ready to send the flock scattering' Marta Werner

€25.00 CB
I Build My Time

a collage built on texts by Kurt Schwitters

Klaus Stadtmuller 2001

108pp letterpress and casebound 230 x 110.500 copies ISBN 0 906630 09 6. First I combined individual categories of art. I pasted words and sentences into poems in such a way as to produce a rhythmic design.Reversing the process, I pasted up pictures and drawings so that sentences could be read in them.

Some Words For Living Locally

Erica Van Horn 2002

12pp letterpress in four colours, with rubber stamps, fingerprint ink and wrappers, a facsimile of the Certificate of Registration under the Aliens Order of 1946. 147 x 105. 300 numbered and signed copies

The Money Jar

Erica Van Horn & Simon Cutts 2001

40pp 4-colour offset with two-colour interleavings, paper over boards casebound. 160 x 115.500 copies. ISBN 0 906630 15 0.

For many years the one pound jar has been the measure for making, and buying and selling jam and jelly.For thirty years the punt or pound has been the largest coin in the Irish currency: this book serves as a marking of the transition from punt to euro.

€12.00 AB
The Presence of Landscape

Printed Objects, Cards & Books: Coracle Press 1975 - 2000

32pp catalogue for the exhibition at Centre Culturel Jean Gagnant, Limoges, under the direction of Centre des Livres des Artistes, St Yrieix, in March 2000. 4-colour offset sewn in two sections with wrappers.150 x 110.750

€ 7.50 C
Of Colour In Craft

with Crafts Council of Ireland

96pp 4-colour offset sewn paperback with flaps 130 x145.1500 copies ISBN 0 906630 16 9. The particular richness of contemporary craft- work in Ireland is shown here in detail by one of its aspects, the articulation and application of colour and material in the work of fourteen makers.

The Vegetable Plot at L8511

Tim Robinson 2003

4-colour offset with letterpress print on Somerset paper 445 x 310. 150 numbered and signed copies in a water-tight mailing tube

In 1977 in the Aran Islands, M.and I tried our hands at growing vegetables for the first time, in a plot ridged like the traditional Aran potatoe field, beside our garden path. I kept the weather-beaten bit of paper recording our muddled efforts as a momento.

€90.00 O
The Sauna Plaque an edition of ten copies made in green plastic with brass fixing pins in a printed box 90 x 140, on the occasion of the finished sauna at Coracle Ballybeg in March 2003.

Ex Libris John Janssen 2000

John Janssen at Sixty

33 Ex Libris labels designed by artists and writers, Coracle and Friends letterpress in multiple colours 145 x 125.125 boxed & numbered copies

Airmail Envelope Interiors

Erica Van Horn & Simon Cutts 2002

24pp offset and letterpress with laser sewn in two sections 115 x 170. 300 numbered copies

Nearing Arcueil

Erica Van Horn & Simon Cutts 2002

sixtus editions limoges

32pp 4-colour offset wrappers 170 x 120. It was a winter day in Paris. We decided to walk south through the city and into the suburbs.

€ 8.00 AB
Poems for My Shorthand Typist

Stuart Mills 2002

28pp letterpress wrappers.300 copies